Becca Kracht


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Becca Kracht Photography

I’m not your grandmother’s photographer. Well, I take that back. If your grandmother is way rad and laid back and maybe a little weird, she and I would probably get along great. But I digress – let’s start over with what I am.

I am a photographer. And I love being one. It makes my soul so, so happy. And getting to be a part of the most precious moments in life with beautiful people like you is an honor, a privilege, and the best part of my days (all of them…every single one). It is not something I take lightly or that I take for granted – I am truly humbled by the trust that is given to me by my clients. BUT I’m a firm believer that the things, the people, the moments in time that make life the rich adventure that it is – they aren’t posed and arranged and planned and perfect. That isn’t real, that isn’t life. I am passionate about things and people that are genuine.

I am not a wedding photographer, I am a relationship photographer. A photographer of real people, real love, real moments, real life. I want to get to know you and capture your relationship, your family, your story, your vibe. I want to be there and let it unfold naturally, like there isn’t a camera in your face. I want you to be able to look at a photo of you and your loved ones and say, “Yeah, that’s us!” I want to capture something that is honest so that you can look back 40 years from now and get misty eyed thinking about how blessed your life was and is as the memories come flooding back. Your story is unique, I believe your photographs should be too.

SO. If this sounds like what you (or your way rad grandmother) are looking for in a photographer, I might just be the girl for you and I’d love to talk! Send me a message and let’s get this party started. I truly can’t wait!