Becca Kracht


Ben Is Here (And REALLY Cute)!

You might recognize this couple from a blog post back in October. Back then, we were taking their maternity photos and talking excitedly about their little boy being around for Thanksgiving. 

Ben made his way into the world on November 17 and I was there to photograph as the Whites went from a family of two to a family of three. If you ever want to see unconditional love in action, watch as a mom and dad hold their new baby for the first time. 

After everyone got settled back home, I went over to take a few photos to remember Ben's first weeks by. Side note - he's one lucky kid because Kendra is an interior designer and she made a CUTE room for him to grow up in. 

That look of unconditional love when parents hold their baby for the first time? Yeah, that look carries on past day one and I've got to say, it makes my job pretty easy. Being a fly on the wall while Justin and Kendra loved on their son was such a fun and beautiful way to spend an afternoon. Helping my friends celebrate the best moments in their lives - Best. Job. Ever.