Becca Kracht


And Kate Makes Three

I met Hillary when I was 16 and we were hostesses at Texas Roadhouse. If I had embarrassing photos of us from back then, I would absolutely share them BUT we were adorable...or we just didn't take many photos. Whatever. But I digress...

A few years ago, I remember having dinner with this lovely lady when she told me about her new boyfriend, Chad. Then in 2013, I so clearly remember having dinner with Hill (we gather over food because food is awesome) when she showed me her beautiful, new engagement ring and asked me if I would be their photographer. I couldn't have felt more honored. UNTIL...

Katherine Michelle was born on July 9 and I got to take her first official photos four days later! Kate is seriously beautiful and I'm rather obsessed with her already. I am so excited to be a part of her life and be her own personal paparazzi. And like I told Hillary already, I have approximately one million nephews for Kate to pick her future spouse from so that we can officially be family. Just saying.

Congratulations Chad and Hillary!!