Becca Kracht


The Perfect Photo: A How To

I'm not going to tell you how to fix your hair or what to wear and there isn't a perfect way to stand to make you look 20lbs thinner. There isn't a magic preset or filter to turn you into Gisele Bundchen (unless you ARE Gisele Bundchen, in which case, get it girl!). HOWEVER, I can for sure give you some advice to help you get the most out of your photo session. And it is simple...BE YOURSELF.

If you're goofy, be goofy. If you're outdoorsy, let's go on an adventure. If you're a homebody, let's stay in and shoot where you're comfortable and in your element. If you're a book lover, a coffee lover, a sports lover, be THAT in your photos. Your life, your personality, your interests, your relationship - they aren't like anyone else's so your photos don't have to be either!

The whole point of a photograph is to preserve a memory. Let's create a memory that is totally true to who you are, as a person, as a couple, as a family. That is everything from the location you choose to the clothes you have on to the goofy laugh you just can't hold back when you're with the person you're standing next to. Those photos are real life. Those photos are the perfect ones.