Becca Kracht



Oh gosh. Oh, I don't even know where to start with this. I guess we'll start here: This post is all about Mario and Hannah's love. It is the sweetest love (like all loves tend to be). Honestly, you can look at these photos and see it radiating - I don't have to type a single word but I will because this girl is so dear to my heart.

Hannah is not just my longtime friend and the wittiest person I know, she just so happens to also be the very first person to EVER pay me to take their photo (a Starbucks gift card because she gets me). As coworkers, we formed the type of bond that forms in the trenches of adversity - a bond that has carried us through many years and a few bottles of wine.

Now at this job that forms the bonds of comrades there was also a guy named Mario. And somewhere along the way, this guy went from being Mario to MARIO in my sweet Hannah's heart. And because Mario is a smart man, he put a ring on it. Which brings us to today.

When Hannah asked me to be their wedding photographer, I jumped on the offer, promising my beautiful Bride that I will still put my camera down and dance my face off with her for a song or two (of course). We've been anxiously awaiting the day of their engagement session and ohhh it did not disappoint! After we got warmed up and Hannah embraced the moment, nothing short of magic started happening. I teared up (once...okay, twice) as I watched my friend glow with love and joy and contentment. I went home and started working on the photos...and cried again. Seriously, just look at these photos and tell me you don't get choked up. Go on...LOOK!