Becca Kracht


Bri + Mason

I have the pleasure of shooting for Victory Video and Photography throughout the year. This October, that partnership brought me and my camera to the wedding of Bri and Mason. And by wedding, I mean beautifully grand affair! The team over at Forever Events and Weddings took things to a whole other level. I'm talking smoke machine during the first dance, cake as tall as me, super rad getaway car kind of thing. And even with all that going on around them, Bri and Mason were most concerned with each other.

They had a "No Look First Look" and, I think, touching Bri's hand and hearing her voice only made Mason that much more anxious to see his girl. And can you blame him?! She's drop dead gorgeous and her dress is what dreams are made of! Their chemistry was effortless, their souls were sweet, and they made my job a breeze. Plus, Bri's Grandma kicked off her shoes and danced the night away with her granddaughter which ALWAYS makes me a happy, happy girl.

Congratulations you, beautiful couple, you!