Becca Kracht


A Blustery Engagement

Ugh, Texas weather, y'all. If you're from Texas, that statement needs no further explanation because your head is immediately filled with multiple examples of ughness. 

Molly and Landon's engagement session was originally postponed due to cold temps and rain. When their rescheduled session came along, Texas blessed us with 28mph winds. But these two didn't bat an eye at my crazy self for carrying on, or if they did, they politely did so before and after our time together. Their love was undeniable! Molly was moved to tears within the first five minutes and every time I told them to kiss, I could swear they were both thinking, "FINALLYYY." I definitely left the session feeling the dreamy feels the were giving off. If they were an emoji, they would be the face with heart eyes. True story!

Check back later this year to see some photos from their August wedding! It'll be worth the wait, my lovelies! Until then, just soak in the cuteness below.