Becca Kracht


The Next Big Thing

To piggy back off of the last blog (if you haven't read it yet, what the heck are you waiting for?!), I was recently given the opportunity to start working with musicians in addition to the fashion world. Fun fact, fashion and music are both fields of study I contemplated back when I was a lost college student. Instead, I settled on a General Studies degree, because nothing screams "MY LIFE HAS DIRECTION" quite like a General Studies degree. So getting to incorporate my other passions into my photography is pretty much the best thing ever.

Anyways - music. This kid is an uncomfortably talented singer/songwriter out of Fort Worth. We chatted about his project, vibe and aesthetic inspirations - all of which I was 100% on board to help bring to life. And luckily, he's had some experience in front of a camera and made my day easier than I could've hoped for considering that he was the first solo guy I've worked with so far (I didn't fill him in on that tidbit until after delivering some killer photos. Momma didn't raise no fool). He didn't even complain when I forced him to be "that guy" and really play and sing throughout Dallas. What a trooper! So if you like country music, or even if you're a fuddy duddy who doesn't enjoy a little twang every now and again, you should definitely go check out Austin Blair Campbell's first single so that you can claim to have thought he was cool before he went mainstream. You're welcome!