Becca Kracht


What Happens In Vegas...

This is definitely not the Vegas post you are expecting.

Long story short - my gorgeous best friend and go-to model gave me the opportunity for a last minute trip to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve - a very quick, exhausting 30 hour stay. My only demands were 1) meet a celebrity (Heyyyyy Rami), 2) to find me a good donut, as I do in pretty much every city I visit and 3) to go to the desert for a mini photo shoot.  Having a full-time 8-5 job doesn't afford much time for taking photos just for creativity's sake, so I knew I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see the desert and and shoot for fun. Especially because Sara and I are adventuring and photo soulmates - we are both game for whatever random thing the other thinks up 95% of the time and feed off of each other seamlessly when we work.

Cut to January 1, we found some HUGE (though not insanely delicious) donuts and we called a Lyft to get us to Red Rock Canyon, the place our hotel concierge suggested for us to go. Serendipitously, our Lyft driver was mega chatty and we explained to him what we were doing. He told us about a spot in the opposite direction that was much, much, much more like what we had imagined (think Mad Max - the Charlize version). We took his advice and turned around - heading out to the sand dunes he used to work at and ohhhhh I'm so grateful that we did.

We worked in broad sunlight (another first for me) - playing with light and shadows in a way I don't get to normally when the clock is ticking. We prayed in some wind, did some basic girl yoga and had literally the best time. I gave Say a quick Canon 101 because she demanded to take my photo too and she caught some that I'm so crazy obsessed with - just another reason to love that girl! Beyond all of that - our angel of a Lyft driver STAYED FOR AN HOUR TO WAIT FOR US to come out of the dunes so he could drive us back AND arranged with the dunebuggy company to let us use their vehicles for some true Mad Max inspired photos. They even told us we could ride for free if/when we come back - which means we are for sure going back.

I'm honestly really proud of these photos and enjoyed every spirit-reviving minute of being tiny in such a huge, beautiful place. So thank you, Say, for being my model, seeing my visions and always saying yes to my ideas and making them even better. I love you to the moon!