Becca Kracht



DANG, my engaged couples have been bringing the fire lately. I don't know what is in the water but, everyone, PLEASE keep drinking it.

So this particular post is about Brit and Liz. To say I'm obsessed with them is the most ridiculous understatement. Brit and I have been Instagram friends for awhile and, when he was getting ready to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, he reached out to me to photograph the happenings. It bummed me out SO bad that I was going to be out of town on that date because I had always thought they looked like such a sweet, cute couple in their photos and I wanted to be able to help capture that day for them. Plus, based on my social media creeping, I thought Liz and I had a lot in common.

Luckily for me, Brit didn't forget about me and he talked to Liz about having me shoot their engagement session for them. After a few emails, I had him pass my number to Liz to cut out the middle man for planning the session. Following some texting and a coffee date to strategize, my girl crush for Liz was cemented! Clients becoming friends is one of my FAVORITE things and it makes my job just that much sweeter. 

Not only are Brit and Liz so sweet (and pretty...duh), but they were game for any idea I had and they kept me laughing the whole time. While we were shooting, Liz even promised Brit that one thing they'll always do in their marriage is laugh and, after spending time with them, I know that is a promise they will definitely keep. Watching their eyes BEAM with love (seriously, so visible) filled my heart with joy for my new friends and I'm so, so, so glad an Instagram follow led to me getting to know these crazy kids. 

Without further ado, I present to you the most insanely golden, autumn light Grapevine has to offer. Enjoy, my friends!