Becca Kracht


Kevin+Jennifer - Tyler, TX

When I first started emailing with Jennifer, she told me that she had a few special ideas for her engagement session with Kevin. When we finally got to sit down together, I quickly fell in love with their love story. Then Jennifer told me about her ideas and I became obsessedddd.

In one day, we hit four spots of sentimental value. We started at their crazy adorable apartment in Dallas so that they could get a few photos with their cat, Critter. Critter is such a big deal that she has her own Instagram - heyyy @lilcritterbug. After a shot of bourbon and some family cuddles, we got on the road towards Tyler - the town were Kevin and Jennifer met as college freshmen and fell in love a couple of years later.

In Tyler, we stopped for a quick drink at Villa Montez, a town staple and where my cutie couple used to be regulars when they were in college. Then we made a beeline for the East Texas State Fair because they attend opening day of the REAL state fair every single year (but that would've been complete mayhem to try and shoot at). In fact, opening day in Dallas was the day after our session so they got two fair days in 48 hours!

After a few rides, we went to their wedding venue - Lake Tyler Petroleum Club - where Kevin used to work back in the day. We used the last few minutes of sun for a few more photos before getting down to whole reason we were at the club. This awesome couple of mine wanted to end the session by jumping into the lake. And all the photographers say AMEN!

I have never done this many locations in a single session but, when they explained why they wanted to include each one, I couldn't say no. And I'm so glad we could make it all work for this sweet, goofy, fun-loving couple. And if this is just their engagement session - I can't wait to see what is in store next September at their wedding! Let the countdown begin!