Becca Kracht


Chris+Sarah - Fort Worth, TX

Oh goodness. I TRIED to limit how many photos I posted from this wedding. I promise, I tried! I vetted and vetted and vetted again. But this is as short a post as I could muster and still tell the story of the day as it should be told. 

As soon as I arrived at Sarah's hotel room, there was a sense of peace and calm. As she got into her wedding dress, she kept saying, "This is so much fun." As the wind ripped off her veil again and again and whipped her hair across her face, she laughed. As her groom cried tears at seeing her, she beamed. 

This intimate wedding was mostly family and that was their focus throughout. Chris and Sarah even began their ceremony by giving hugs to the parents and grandparents that poured into there lives. But, because they're rockstars, they took time after the ceremony to climb a ladder onto the roof for a private moment overlooking the Fort Worth skyline before joining their loved ones to dance and drink and laugh at Chris's father's Doctor Seuss style toast. And they had their final, private dance under the glow of lights that their family had strung up for them.

The day was elegant and classic. They kept their bridal party and guest list small. The decor was beautiful and simple. But their love? WOAH. It was so grand and over-the-top and impossible to ignore. The smiles and tears and quiet, stolen kisses I witnessed will make this a wedding I am forever proud to have been a part of!