Becca Kracht


Cole+Emily - Waco, TX

  1. Emily and Cole are from Canada.
  2. They've been together 12 years and married for 3.5.
  3. They're CRAZY in love.
  4. They came to Texas to see Austin (they loved allll the food and quirky shops), San Antonio (let's be real, after you've remembered the Alamo and gone down the Riverwalk, there's not much else going on) and Waco (shout out to her fellow Fixer Upper fanatics).

Now that you're caught up on the minutia...

Emily reached out to me about driving down to Waco to take some photos of them while they were in town and I pretty much jumped at the opportunity. Something in her email caused me to believe this was going to be a killer shoot with a killer couple that I didn't want to miss out I've only ever driven through Waco on my way south, I've never actually stopped there. So I did some Googling, bothered some industry folks and created a plan for a mini-tour around the city - for me AND the Canadians. The weather forecast called for 80% chance of rain and yet we found ourselves with a cloudless, blue sky and a decently strong, chilly wind. When Emily and Cole showed up, my first question was, "Just how adventurous are you feeling?" followed by "I know you don't know me yet but do you trust me?" Luckily for me - walking through mud and climbing over rocks didn't scare them. The result? One of the most romantic sessions to date!

We started at Lake Waco, stopped on the Suspension Bridge, visited the refurbished Gulf Gas Station and walked around the Armstrong Browning Library before ending the afternoon at the Magnolia Market. There was laughing and dancing and a heck ton of PDA all with crazy cool backdrops I've never used before, which made my job the easiest thing ever! I can't bear to only post a few so I'm posting a a lot y'all. So without further ado, I present to you this rad couple and their rad love.