Becca Kracht


An Urban Dallas Engagement

There are two major reasons I was looking forward to this shoot like crazy.

1) Brittani is literally my oldest friend. We met at school when we were four. Which means, comes next year, we will have known each other for 25 years. Because I am now old enough to have had a friend for 25 years. Because I'm about to be 28 and that means I'm closing in on 30. Wait...sorry, I got distracted. Brittani. Oldest friend. Photos. I'm back on track now.

2) When we were talking about their shoot, Britt's main criteria was having an untraditional Dallas shoot. Which is basically music to this photographer's ears! I roped in a photog friend/genius of mine and mapped out a few locations that had the untraditional, urban, industrial type vibe in and near downtown.

So cut to the day of - everything that could go wrong did. A few makeup and eyelash mishaps before and during the shoot. The temperature dropping 20 degrees and Brittani being so cold she was shivering so hard that I could see it from feet away. One of our planned locations being FILLED with cars. Another location being locked down and the security guard threatening to call the cops on us for standing the PUBLIC sidewalk in front of it as we decided on another plan. (Yeah...that happened) 

LUCKILY, my crazy talented friend, Rachel (that friend/genius I mentioned), answered my SOS call on the first ring and helped me find another spot to end our session and the photos turned out beautifully! We had the odds (and the weather) stacked against us but nothing can conquer love...and a determined photographer.

Check back in July to see some photos of their wedding at the Discovery Gardens! If I know this girl (and I do...for almost 25 years now...EEK), it is going to be crazy stylish and so filled with love.