Becca Kracht



You guys. It has been a minute since I've written anything. I quit my job a month ago (howwww has it already been a month?!) and I haven't posted a blog since. My bad! My life turned upside in many amazing ways at that time and I'm still trying to figure out this new work schedule of mine. It is a work in progress.

So, to try and catch up a little bit, here is Sarah and Brandon's wedding from earlier this month! Settle in, my loves, because this one is a longgggg one.

There was so much love and joy and emotion (aka tears from many, manyyy people) on this day that even I, a non-family member who had only met the couple face-to-face once, could feel it as soon as I arrived. Sarah and Brandon are absolutely smitten with each other! I mean, just check out his reaction to seeing her walk down the aisle. Swoooon! They didn't leave each others' sides the entire night except to pull people onto the dance floor (including me). They even snuck away at sunset to dance in an open field and the stickers covering Sarah's dress served as proof. But she'll tell you that it was worth it, I promise! 

I just adored my time with this precious couple, sooo here are about one million photos of them. Enjoy!