Becca Kracht


I'm STILL Self-Employed: An Update

Well. I've been self-employed for six weeks now. I'm still adjusting and figuring out how this whole thing works but I thought I'd give you a little insight into what the life of a full-time photographer looks like!

There are some DEFINITE perks. As you can tell by these photos that my roommate took, I've gotten to have some fun with my physical appearance. My hair is really pale mint at this moment (the green color was from the day I colored it) and I'm actually looking forward to being fully blonde again BUT I love that my weird ideas are not limited by a corporate job.

The core of the change, though, is my schedule. My cousin Bret told me that being a small business owner means I get to choose which 100 hours of the week I work and he couldn't be more right. I love getting to go to the gym during the day and being able to schedule random coffee or lunch dates during the week. Sometimes I go to concerts on a Tuesday knowing I can sleep in the next day or I get to take a Thursday off for a day trip with friends. But, on the flip side, I also spend some nights editing until really late and I miss a lot of events with family and friends because I'm working 9-12 hour weddings on the weekends. Actually...weekends aren't really a thing anymore. I lose track of what day it is a lot. A LOT.

My days (and nights) are filled with emails, texts, brainstorming, weather forecasting (poorly), social media posts, blogs, scheduling, mileage tracking, taxes and a heck ton of editing (on top of the actual sessions). There isn't a magical abundance of time like I expected there to be, so I have to get better at structuring my schedule to allow time for extra projects like pricing brochures and learning the ins and outs of SEO as well as finding time to shoot purely for creativity's sake - all very necessary things. On the other side of that, I've been accused of not knowing how to take a full day off, so I guess I'm still adjusting to the fact that I DON'T have an 8-5 job and that I don't have to fill everyyyy moment of my spare time with photography work to keep my head above water. Of course, June is absolutely packedddd with weddings, so I don't see myself trying to slow down just yet. 

Every once in awhile, when my roommate and I are both sitting in our office editing, I stop and ask her "How crazy is it that we get to do this for our jobs?" and we agree it is the best. Then there are days when I ask, "Are we absolutely crazy for doing this for our jobs?!" and we agree that it is a hard life. Some days I am overwhelmed by the fact that I am living out my dream. Then some days I'm just overwhelmed with all that it entails. But no matter what, I know I am crazy blessed to get to spend my days doing this. The last six weeks of my life have been amazing and I'm SO looking forward to seeing how things grow and progress as I settle into living the life I was created for.

Thank you all, again, for your support and prayers and even your understanding and patience. It means the world to me and I have such dear love for you.

OKAY - time to go shower...mmkay BYEEEE.