Becca Kracht


James+Alyssa - Austin, TX

Let's take this back a bit...say, like, 12 years. Alyssa and I attended a tiny, private school in Dallas together. We were on the same volleyball team and, let me tell you, this girl is little but she is FIERCE. As is her serve. Our school closed down (I told you it was tiny...) and we went our separate ways but stayed social media friends. Because it is the 21st century and all.

Fast forward to this decade - Alyssa and James met at work. She was in DFW and he was in Austin, working for different locations of the same company. They dated in secret for a bit because her boss was worried she'd want to move to the Austin location. Turns out he was right! James won her heart and his girl relocated to Austin and in April 2017, he asked her to be his forever. 

So now, after alllll these years, Alyssa and I reconnected and I get to help these two celebrate their love. For their engagement shoot, I made a quick run to Austin (like...I was in the city for two hours before returning back to DFW kind of quick) to take their photos at their wedding venue. And WOAH. I'm obsessed with how they turned out! James and Alyssa were down for anythingggg and didn't complain once about the heat or about having to dance in a parking lot and dodge traffic in the road. They were constantly alternating between whispering sweet things and bursting out in laughter. They completely adore each other and it is crazy obvious to anyone that has the pleasure of being around them. 

So, settle in folks. There are a LOT of photos to look at but, I promise, this sweet love is so worth scrolling all the way through! Have fun!