Becca Kracht


Emery+Kelsea - Mineral Wells, TX

I just shot my first two engagement sessions of 2018 this week. And they have me thinking…why do I do what I do? What sets me apart as a photographer, as a story teller?

This particular shoot had the odds stacked against us. Our original location had an 85% chance of rain and Kelsea and Emery are moving hours away next week, so rescheduling would’ve been difficult. SO we switched locations only a couple of hours beforehand and hoped for the best.

With 99% humidity, 5 days worth of mud, a dense fog and a constant mist – we set off on an adventure on trails that were (technically) closed. No matter what I suggested – sitting on wet dirt surrounded by cacti, parking on the side of the road and trekking into the trees to find moss covered rocks or standing on the edge of a 50ft rock face – these two didn’t bat an eye. PRAISE!

BUT it was the look on Kelsea’s face every time she looked at Emery that was all I needed to be recentered in my profession. SURE, we had a really cool location that was making my melancholy-loving heart soar, but it wasn’t about that. We could’ve been in a normal park filled with winter deadened trees and brown grass and she would still be looking at him with adoration. It isn’t about the setting or my skill with a camera (always learning more folks) or my editing style (style is super subjective after all). It is about the real life love.

Sure, being perched overlooking the Grand Canyon or being surrounded by the largest trees in Oregon is amazing. I would LOVE to get to take photos there (wink wink). But if I can’t capture raw emotion in a park in Dallas, no amount of mountains will fix that. My job isn’t to tell A story, it is to tell YOUR story. That is my highest aim at all times. No matter what your personalities and your relationship are like – I want to meet you there and draw that out. Your love is beautiful and I want to be a part of it showing it off to the world.

Every job has hard days. Every artist will judge themselves harshly and strive for constant growth and progression within their art. But it is that look of complete peace and comfort on someone’s face as they gaze at the one they love that makes every moment worthwhile. I’ll never stop chasing that because that is the only thing that means anything, not just in photography, but in life.

That is what sets me apart. That is why I’ve chosen this career to dedicate myself to. Thank you, love birds, for reminding me of that!