Becca Kracht


Guy+Diana - Austin, TX

These Austinites are getting married in Abilene on family land, but they wanted their engagement session to REALLY represent them. And that means shooting in the city they call home! They met at work and fell in love in Austin. They listen to music and eat dope food in Austin. They chill with their cat, Marcus, in Austin. There's no better place to celebrate their engagement than where they have made their life together.

So I loaded up on coffee and hit the road for my quick day trip. We spent a little bit of time hitting spots in the city that they enjoy before heading over to Sekrit Theater to fulfill a photog dream of mine. Seriously - that place is amazing and so unique! And I'm so glad I got to share my first shoot there with this couple that alternated between making each other laugh and making each other cry. 

I can't wait to see what kind of magic they bring to their wedding in October.